Friday, May 27, 2005

NYT upscrews on education (again)

Man, if there's one area where I'm a rabid dis-admirer of the George Bush-Bob Dole-Richard Nixon branch of the Republican party, it's education. But, just as a busted clock's right twice daily, I do think their emphasis on cognitive skills is on target. Doesn't mean the feds ought to be involved, though.

Sea story: back in the day, when I was starting policy studies, I discovered the Head Start program wasn't allowed to teach their young charges to read. [Colorful noun].

Herewith, the inimitable Joane Jacobs coverage of the subject:
"According to Yale study, pre-schoolers are more likely to be 'expelled' than older children. You might think that shows some little kids aren't ready for a group environment. But no. It's Bush's fault! Well, it's the rising academic standards pushed by No Child Left Behind, suggests a New York Times story.
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