Saturday, March 04, 2006

Good will

Virginia Postrel, one of the US' greatest treasures donates a kidney to a friend in need, because "if your kidneys stop working, you have three options: die, go on dialysis (regularly described as "living hell" by dialysis patients and their loved ones), or find a donor kidney. And donor kidneys are in short supply, made shorter by legal restrictions and social taboos."

She also acknowledges the presence of large-scale jackasses (a social breed which is, alas, entirely too scalable)who are trying to prevent "made-to-order replacements that are exact genetic matches, either through therapeutic cloning or some now-unknown future technology"

Randites, this is an example of what Ayn Rand herself referred to as good will among men. Look it up. So, enough with not-so-sotto-voce comments about altruism.

This is intestinal fortitude. Read it all here:

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