Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Term paper about 'God' earns student failing grade

Term paper about 'God' earns student failing grade:
The subject -- approved by the Professor -- was "Religion and its place within the Government." The instructor told her she couldn't use the word "God".
"Hauf took her concerns about not being able to use 'God' in her report to her teacher, then to the department chair.
Sterling souls all, they chose to enshrine the bureaucratic process:
During a joint meeting between all three the options were laid out: Hand in the report with the 'G' word or revise, edit or re-write the paper, Solis said.
'She continued to write her paper,' Solis said. 'She knew what the consequences were.'"
"Sols is one of the college bureaucrats. I don't think the bureaucrats know what the consequences are. Over to you Chris Johnson!

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