Monday, July 11, 2005

Today is the birthday of Robert the Bruce Heritage & Culture - Robert the Bruce:
ROBERT the Bruce, like so many figures in Scottish history, has developed a popular and colourful biography that freely weaves truth and legend. Listed among the BBC's 'Top 100 Great Britons' list in 2003, the 'Warrior King of Scotland' was, prior to Mel Gibson's portrayal of William Wallace in Braveheart, probably the historical character held dearest to the nation's heart. However, where Wallace, included in the same list, was driven by anti-English sentiment and a fiercely patriotic pursuit of vengeance, Robert the Bruce switched allegiance when necessary to further his goals.
Unlike Wallace, he was successful in achieving his aims."
Gibson's movie makes up in entertainment what it lack in historical accuracy. Matter of fact, based on Gibson's film history, you can make a pretty good case that anti-English sentiment is a major part of his makeup too. Emphasis is mine.

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