Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Wesley Pruden on Live Aid: Slaking a thirst with a fire hose

From the Washington Times (a/k/a WaTi):
Wesley Pruden, WATI editor, is unreconstructed un-pc. Quoth the maven:
"Live 8 concerts are nice, and the photographs of starving children will break the coldest heart, but unless Europe and the West accompany aid with the kind of supervision nobody has the courage to impose, the aid will wind up in the usual Swiss banks, and 20 years from now another generation of children will die while naive hearts bleed."

Socialism, alas, is not yet dead in the UK:
"Tony Blair's No. 2 man, George Brown, talks giddily of a Marshall Plan for Africa, but Nigerian despots alone have already pocketed the equivalent of six Marshall Plans."

Ayuh, the emphasis is mine.
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