Saturday, November 26, 2005 Anti-choice feminism Anti-choice feminism: "In American Prospect, Linda Hirshman tells educated women to choose full-time careers in lucrative, elite fields. Choosing to stay home with the kids or work part-time -- a popular choice according to a recent New York Times story -- betrays educated women's abilities and prevents the full integration of business, professional and academic elites, she argues. Feminism has failed to change marriage and gender roles, and should finish the job, Hirshman believes. 'Half the wealthiest, most-privileged, best-educated females in the country stay home with their babies rather than work in the market economy,' she writes."

Holy [modifier] cow! There might, somewhere, be a world in which a couple have children and neither adult has to make any career sacrifices, but t'ain't this world! There is, and I don't think anyone should be surprised, substantial evidence that women, er, mothers bond with their kids in ways that Dads don't and that maternal bonding is often expressed in a desire to be the dominant figure in their kids' life. This is either cultural and 'fixable' by feminism, or it's genetic and not.

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