Saturday, July 30, 2005

Kendall Harmon: Bishop Duncan M. Gray Swings and Misses

I have stiven mightily to avoid commenting on the continuing crisis in the Mondo Anglicana, not least because others are doing it better. One of those doing 'it' better is the Reverend Canon Kendall Harmon of the Diocese of South Carolina.
Here the goode Canon is quoting Bishop Tom Wright of the Church of England:

"The situation is indeed new. We have not been this way before; and the Lambeth Commission was challenged to map out, cautiously, the new territory we have entered. Never before in the Anglican Communion has there been a moment when, after each of the four so-called Instruments of Unity have advised against a particular action, a Province or a Diocese has gone ahead with it unilaterally."

As Canon Kendall is wont to say, read it all.

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