Sunday, November 27, 2005

Religion and Harry Potter

Harry Beasts - Christianity Today Magazine: "The Harry Potter stories, in their formulaic journeys that end every year with love's triumph over death in the presence of a Christ symbol, find their power and popularity in the resonance they create in our hearts. We connect with them because they point toward the Truth Myth that saves us. The gospel has rarely, if ever, been smuggled into the hearts and minds of readers so successfully and profoundly."
I am a fan of the Harry Potter series. Deal with it. Further, I have no patience with those that see deviltry in JK Rowling's use of magic as a literary device; please check your biblical history: the Old Testament direction on Witches and Warlocks refers to those who reject God and worship magic. Rowling's characters do neither. The paragraph above is from an article in Christianity Today and makes the point somewhat better."
You can read it all here.

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