Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Chronicle of Higher Education: How to be a college Cheapskate

Here's the link: The Chronicle: 7/15/2005: The Goshorn Method:
"It all started about a decade ago when the Goshorns' firstborn was about to graduate from high school, and the other children were not far behind. The father, Lawrence, a computer engineer and former professor at Arizona State University, looked at the situation analytically.
'I had a practical problem,' he says. 'I couldn't afford to spend $200,000 per kid.'

Amen Bruddah!

"The solution: Have the children start earning college credits while still in high school. Then send them to a community college for all but one or two years of their undergraduate studies, which they would finish at the University of California at San Diego. Finally, have them pay for graduate studies through work, scholarships, or financial aid."

Incidentally, the master of financial planning, Ric Edelman, agrees

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