Monday, July 25, 2005

Mr. Dave Arnold, meathead, and NEA member* demonstrates why...

People snicker when they hear, "NEA."
Quoth the numbskull:

"There's nothing like having the right person with the right experience, skills and tools to accomplish a specific task. Certain jobs are best left to the pros, such as, formal education.

"There are few homeowners who can tackle every aspect of home repair. A few of us might know carpentry, plumbing and, let's say, cementing. Others may know about electrical work, tiling and roofing. But hardly anyone can do it all.
Same goes for cars. Not many people have the skills and knowledge to perform all repairs on the family car. Even if they do, they probably don't own the proper tools. Heck, some people have their hands full just knowing how to drive.
The premise, 'cause he takes a while to get to it, is that teachers are the equivalent of mechanics, doctors, plumbers. The reason this article's so funny: we, consumers, would never tolerate a plumber to plumbed like NEA members teach."
"So, why would some parents assume they know enough about every academic subject to home-school their children? You would think that they might leave this -- the shaping of their children's minds, careers, and futures -- to trained professionals. That is, to those who have worked steadily at their profession for 10, 20, 30 years! Teachers!"

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