Monday, November 28, 2005

Sic semper, y'all. And worldwide too!

Yep, the emphasis is added:
TUNIS, Tunisia--Cuba, Iran and African governments lashed out at the U.S. government this week, charging that the Internet permits too much free speech and that the way it is managed must be reformed immediately.

The U.S. and other Western nations "insist on being world policemen on the management of the Internet," Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, who has been the country's leader since 1987, said at a United Nations information society summit here.

"Those who have supported nihilistic and disorderly freedom of expression are beginning to see the fruits" of their efforts, Mugabe said, adding that Zimbabwe will be "challenging the bully-boy mentality that has driven the unipolar world."

Read it all here.

Listening to Mugabe and Castro on the freedom of speech is much akin to listening to Benito Mussolini on the subject of Synagogue design. They're not entitled to even have an opinion.

NOW, will western leaders have the intestinal fortitude to say so?

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