Saturday, December 03, 2005

Jane Galt on the engineering failures of GWB

From the disaster reviewer in N'awlins:
"The floodwall on the 17th Street Canal levee was destined to fail long before it reached its maximum design load of 14 feet of water because the Army Corps of Engineers underestimated the weak soil layers 10 to 25 feet below the levee, the state's forensic levee investigation team concluded in a report to be released this week.
Quoth Jane Galt:
"What really chaps my ass, of course, is that if George Bush had been doing his job, checking the soil substrates under the levees, this never would have happened. We expected him to protect the country from disasters, and this is the one of the biggest disasters ever to hit the country. Yet where was George? Not taking soil cores, doing sonar analysis,or analysing soil samples in the lab--that much is clear. What the hell does he think we elected him for?"

Read it all.

Ye flippin' stars, in lieu of a more pungent term. Let's review some basics. Disaster recovery, especially from a disaster you can see coming, needs to be a local job. If it isn't you'll get my fellow bureaucrats establishing blizzard standards for New Orleans and tropical storm emergency preparations for Anchorage. I kid you not. Want to know what else? Reviewing the infrastructure and looking for disasters-in-waiting is a local job too.

The Prez, which is one reason why I don't 'specially care for his branch of the Republican Party, has [dramatic sigh] again rolled over for the bad guys and allowed a substantial amount of federalization for no very legitimate reason. Politics, in this case, is not a legitimate reason.

Bless his heart.

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