Sunday, December 04, 2005

Journalists? Statistics? Naw, couldn't be a problem!

So, ye olde WAPO this am publishes a Why-are-men-disappearing-from-Higher-Education article. The article itself's here.

Well, there are two reasons why the percentage of men-on-campus is falling:
1. The percentage of men going to college is decreasing; or,
2. The percentage of women going to college is increasing.

If the answer's #1, we might have a problem, Houston. If, howsomever, the answer's #2, then the statistic's actually good news.

Here, from -- nota bene -- Salon is a posting saying the answer's #2; everyone with constricted bowels and tightened sphincters can relax.

So who's right? The answer could be "Both". The percentage of women entering college is expanding (though not, alas, in the hard-science-engineering pursuits which would lead to some real change in the status of women) but there is some evidence, which I am too lazy to dig out now, that the percentage of men choosing specialized and technical education vice the mark one, mod one college is expanding too.

Stand, as the saying goes, by.

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