Saturday, December 24, 2005

People who fail to save for their own retirement...

are irresponsible and don't deserve government assistance. Specifically, they're more irresponsible than the much whined-about teenage single moms.
Quoth econlog:

One of the main stumbling blocks to Social Security reform is the view that left to their own devices, many people will fail to save for their own retirement, and "we as a society" can't allow them to live in poverty. Objectively speaking, however, there is a strong case that people who fail to save for their own retirement are much more irresponsible than teenage single moms.

How so? You can become a teenage single mom just by yielding to impulse once. And once you have a child, it takes two decades of hard work to make up for your youthful indiscretion. I won't say "It could happen to anyone," but there are a lot of responsible adults out there who are lucky that their risky teen-age behavior didn't happen to mess up their lives.

In contrast, no one fails to save for his retirement because of a few minutes of teen-age passion. To fail to save for your retirement, you need to make the wrong decision week after week, year after year. If you're too immature to save for your retirement in your twenties, you have a second chance in your thirties, a third chance in your forties, and so on. In short, to fail to save for your retirement, you have to be consistently irresponsible for decades.
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