Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sacco, Vanzetti, and Upton Sinclair

A note from the LA Times via "Jane Galt" of "Asymmetrical Information":
Upton Sinclair's novel "Boston" is a fictionalized account the Sacco & Vanzetti trial of the early 20th century. There is, alas, a bit of a problem:

"...Soon Sinclair would learn something that filled him with doubt. During his research for "Boston," Sinclair met with Fred Moore, the men's attorney, in a Denver motel room. Moore "sent me into a panic," Sinclair wrote in the typed letter that Hegness found at the auction a decade ago.

"Alone in a hotel room with Fred, I begged him to tell me the full truth," Sinclair wrote. " … He then told me that the men were guilty, and he told me in every detail how he had framed a set of alibis for them."

Here's the link to Jane Galt.
Here's the link to the LA Times article

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